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An Entrepreneur Who’s Preserving New Mexico’s Magical Hatch Chile


(Photo credit: Matthew Taylor-Gross, Saveur) Imagine that your whole life you had this abundant bounty of spicy goodness at your fingertips, blindly going about your business and assuming everyone in the country also had the same bounty. Then imagine moving, only to find out that in fact, no one knows WTF you’re talking about when you order your enchiladas “Christmas-style.” If this makes no sense to you, don’t worry — it will soon. Nate Cotanch is from the Southwest. His…

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Welcome to the freshness


What is this space? In truth, it’s a living, breathing thing, so in some ways, I’ll figure it out as I go along. But my goal here is to showcase the makers, and I’m starting with small batch food purveyors. Because yum. But also, because I believe that all (okay, most) of them have a story worth sharing. The finance dude who quit to start a za’atar business with his mom. The sisters who put aside their dad’s caution and launched…

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