Culture Yogurt For Butter and Ghee

Um. Have you ever had cultured butter? It’s insane. Not only is it better for your insides (thanks probiotics!) but it also has a tang that you just don’t find in regular butter. This is like, the fancy as sh*t butter you’d find at a three star Michelin restaurant.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. To get cultured butter, you first have to start with cultured cream — also known as yogurt. And once you learn how easy it is to make your own yogurt, you’ll be a yogurt making machine. It is a game. changer.

Ok, cool. So now you know how to make yogurt, you’re slathering cultured butter on everything and anything and hold the phone. You can also turn that cultured butter into ghee, making YOU a more cultured human in the process. BOOM.

In this workshop you’ll learn:

  • How to make yogurt
  • How to turn said yogurt into cultured butter
  • How to turn butter into ghee
  • WTF ghee is and how to use it
  • Healthy benefits of the whole shebang and how they differ from store-bought

What you’ll get: 

  • Yogurt, butter and ghee tasting
  • Written and emailed instructions so you don’t have to remember a GD thing

What to bring: 

  • Nada. Unless you want to bring a hot friend, or a first date, or a puppy. All good options.

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