Kick Into Overdrive Kimchi

Kimchi is one of those things that everyone is a little bit scared of. I get it. It’s kind of mysterious and smells funky and has the potential to totally knock you over if you get the wrong whiff.

But it’s also completely badass. Since I started making it, I put it on everything from eggs in the AM to burgers in the PM. Weird? Maybe. But once you make your own, you’ll suddenly understand the versatility and complexity it adds to even the boringest (not a word) of foods.

And just like our friend kombucha, kimchi also packs a punch in terms of good stuff for your body. Because it’s fermented AND contains cabbage, it’s like a 1-2 punch for growing good guts. Nature is the coolest.

In this workshop you’ll learn:

  • A brief history of kimchi
  • Its benefits for your belly bugs
  • How to make kimchi from scratch
  • Different flavor combos for maximum badassery
  • How to properly ferment it

What you’ll get: 

  • Written and emailed instructions so you don’t have to remember a GD thing

What to bring: 

  • Nada. Unless you want to bring a hot friend, or a first date, or a puppy. All good options.

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