I believe there is great power at the intersection of food and curiosity, especially as viewed through the lens of personal development.

The experience of food has always played a big role in my life. When I was a kid, I used to make my sisters pull out our old video camera and film me making cooking shows. Now, as an adult, the kitchen is my solace and my happy place. But food on it’s own isn’t enough to truly light me up.

I also need to be learning something — either about an ingredient, myself, my relationship to the past or my connection to those around me. This element of curiosity and personal development – of always growing and evolving — is another hallmark trait of my life.

Whether it’s taking a Myers Briggs test, starting up meditation, or learning an ancient craft like fermentation, I’m always striving for more knowledge.

By themselves, food and personal development are interesting, but not everything. That’s why I’m most inspired to explore ways of creating value at the intersection of where they meet. That’s what “We Could Make That” is all about. Creating a space to explore together, learn more about each other and better understand our relationship with the world around us.