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What Does It Take To Disrupt A Category Giant Like Pasta?


Surprise! It must be pasta week on We Could Make That because today’s guest is Brian Rudolph, the co-founder of Banza chickpea pasta. Brian created Banza in his kitchen (where all good things happen, obvi.) He was looking for an alternative that didn’t make him feel quite so guilty after he ate it. He wanted his food to DO something for him. Something good. And so, Banza was born with double the protein, four times the fiber and nearly half the…

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Here’s What The Next Generation of Millennial Run Companies Will Look Like


Let’s say you came up with an idea for a food company in January. How long do you think it would take you to launch?  Maybe a year? 18 months? If you’re Aidan Altman, the answer to that question is five months. FIVE MONTHS, PEOPLE! Insanity. Aidan and his co-founder, Shannon McGlynn, dreamt up their company, Spice Foods, with a few characteristics in mind: transparency, altruism and health. It’s true that Millennials generally think we’re the bees knees [thanks mom and…

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