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An Entrepreneur Who’s Preserving New Mexico’s Magical Hatch Chile


(Photo credit: Matthew Taylor-Gross, Saveur) Imagine that your whole life you had this abundant bounty of spicy goodness at your fingertips, blindly going about your business and assuming everyone in the country also had the same bounty. Then imagine moving, only to find out that in fact, no one knows WTF you’re talking about when you order your enchiladas “Christmas-style.” If this makes no sense to you, don’t worry — it will soon. Nate Cotanch is from the Southwest. His…

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One Man’s Quest To Get America Cozied Up With Fish Sauce


When Hansen Shieh was eight years old, his obviously awesome (wait for it) mom took him out for lunch. As he bit into his first Sichuan pepper, his mouth exploded in flavor and heat. And his mom, the badass that she so clearly is, just laughed at him. Now, some 30 years later, Hansen is on a mission to bring the kick of Sichuan and other flavors, including Chinese fermented black bean, tamarind and fish sauce to the mainstream with his…

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