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Clean(ish) Food For People Who Like To Eat Dirty With The Dude Diet’s Serena Wolf


Man food. Stuff like nachos, chicken parm and pizza. We know it’s not good for us, but what if there was a way to keep the deliciousness and crank up the healthy? That’s where Serena Wolf comes in.

WOAH! A podcast on a Wednesday instead of the typical Friday!? Yep. This is a new series: We Could Make That in-between-isodes where I talk to top food writers, popular Instagrammers and all around cool people to share their favorite makers of the moment. Have someone to nominate? Email me here.  

Serena Wolf didn’t set out to create a diet fit for the modern man. In fact, she was just writing on her pink blog about her life in Paris, going to culinary school and throwing dinner parties with her roommate. Then, she moved back stateside and shacked up with her now-fiancé, Logan. Turns out, Logan was a typical dude. He ate totally satisfying but completely unhealthy food. Thinking she wanted him around for awhile, Serena decided to put her culinary chops to the test and set out to create Logan’s favorite gut busters…just a smidgen healthier by using whole foods and no unpronounceable ingredients.

Logan loved the food. Serena loved the food. The internet peoples loved the food. And so, The Dude Diet was born. Released just last week, the cookbook is a guide to eating clean(ish) for people who like to eat dirty. I’m obsessed with the tagline, and also with Serena’s mini-video series, Just The Tip. HA! #seventhgradehumor

Serena also blogs weekly at, which is where the Just The Tip fits in. (Get it?) But lest you think that all this cooking mumbo-jumbo is still too tough and you’d rather order delivery, take solace in the fact that Serena herself didn’t start off a top chef:

“The only thing I could cook was a burnt grilled cheese.” – Serena Wolf


So, what’d we talk about?

I get the skinny on the cookbook creation process, her fave recipes for newbies and the makers she’s crushing on right now. She also divulges her most loved kitchen utensil and announces that she’ll be on The Today Show THIS FRIDAY. Set your DVRs kids, this is one you don’t want to miss.

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Show notes [times are approximate]:

Serena’s blog, [2:19]
The Dude Diet comes into play [6:24]
Creating a cookbook [9:17]
Recipes for kitchen novices [11:59]
Dude food fails [13:36]
Favorite makers of the moment [14:25]
Favorite food city [16:15]
Most loved kitchen utensil [16:59]
Go-to meal to make [17:22]
What’s next for Serena? [18:11]

Stuff mentioned on the show*:
The Dude Diet – Serena Wolf
Small Victories – Julia Turshen
Ancient Harvest quinoa
GT’s Kombucha

Connect with Serena:
Instagram: @serenagwolf
Twitter: @serenagwolf



The intro music for the We Could Make That podcast was created by Brooklyn-based artist, Jenna Kyle. You can check out her new (non-podcast) music on Soundcloud.

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